Why Should You Read This?

Why Should You Read This?

Hi friend,  you are on my personal website, or in my cozy lounge on the internet, as I like to call it.

If you think I have something to teach you, then I encourage you to close this browser tab and move on.
I am 22, my parents are low-middle class,  I lack work experience and my life is not wild either, actually, I haven't gone to a party in ages.

If you hope to find any  business, life or tech insights here I have none to give you and, I suggest you to read books from people that actually did what you want to learn.

It's not that I don't think about those things, in fact I think about them constantly, but I haven't done anything with enough depth to gain meaningful insights and I would just groteuskly regurgitate words I've read in an essay.

I've been doing that most of my life and I'm tired of that.
What you will find here is something rare on the internet, radical honesty.

I will be crystal clear on what's going on in my life, with no attempt to make me look less of a loser or humbler.
Maybe by peeking through this window on my life,  you will recognize in your life the same spot as I was/am/will be and will have advice to give, or take.

I won't be consistent nor will I be a good writer. Sometimes while riding my bicycle, I will come up with a brilliant idea, once home I will write about it immediately, just to discover about three paragraphs later that ideas are more smarter in your head than on paper.

I will talk about my failures,  my successes, my feelings, the things I learn as I learn them and sometimes random thoughts.
You are free to learn your own lessons and extrapolate your theories from the crude reality I will share, but don't forget to give me back advice back if you can.

Enjoy your stay.